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Boost Your Fan Engagement and the Fan Experience to the Next Level!

Use your core skills to reach tomorrow’s supporters. Attract new supporters at an early stage and use the digital SKILLCADEMY360° solution to link them up with your club.


Lend the SKILLCADEMY360°-app your club’s individual appearance. At its heart, your club’s licence players illustrate and teach new football techniques. The app combines the newly developed SKILLCADEMY360° video player with modern know-how and training theory. This offers youngsters a quick sense of achievement and helps improve their football techniques to gain a leading edge. We join forces with you to create ongoing success clearly linked to your club.


Generate an ideal environment for the quickest individual learning achievement.


Create an exclusive club community for users to network, compete and rate each other.


Link users to your club by creating incentives and rewarding active use.


Video player. Rethought.

360°- camera

Only our newly developed SKILLCADEMY360° video player makes it possible for the user to watch the player doing his tricks from all sides at any time.


Urban street footballers in cities or local village heroes – the on-demand function allows users to train their skills regardless of location and internet access.

How to Tutorial

In addition to the video, descriptions of the motion sequence based on training science and key hints necessary help users successfully learn the techniques.

Slow Motion

The video player allows the user to adjust the speed to his own wishes and needs. Initially unnoticed, quick movements become transparent and understandable.

Lines of Code

Broken GoPros

Nightmares of Video Editing


Create a distinct community for your club and your fans!


Users interact with content generated by your club. This increases your club’s brand reach both online and offline.

Your own host

You have full control of user’s access and operate totally independently of algorithm changes of big networks.

Target group access

Creating your own club branded community gives you exclusive access to your target group and helps you get to know your future supporters at an early stage.

Extending experiences

Extend your football camp and Kids-club activities to the digital world and enable your users to stay in contact with your club permanently.


Take your supporters on to the pitch.

Fan Engagement

Use the newly created interaction format to forge a bond between your supporters and your club. Offer users the opportunity to become an active part.

Viral effect

Create viral effects by awarding intangible prizes to raise your club’s brand profile.

Interactive prize draw

Create a prize draw to achieve exceptionally high levels of interaction with your club’s brand and get the relevant target group engaged in the app and thereby in your club.

Image improvement

Create a desirable reward for your most active supporters and thereby establish the image of a credible and accessible club for the young.

Further valuable benefits for your club


Generate additional revenue by marketing high-quality advertising for your partners and sponsors.


Offer youngsters who can’t participate in a training camp the possibility of access to professional training content.


Thanks to digital scalability, you can apply the app across borders. Content can be edited multi-lingually.


Use of the app adds an important mobile platform to your club’s communication strategy.

User data

Receive valuable user insights into your target group with SKILLCADEMY360°.


Use SKILLCADEMY360° to position yourself as an innovative and modern football club.

We offer the full package!


Get your own native iOS and Android SKILLCADEMY360° app, adapted and individualised to your club.


We take care of the whole process of 360° skill videos for you.


Gain exclusive access to our SKILLCADEMY360° database of training orientated and sport research edited tricks and football techniques.


We support you in promoting the app to the relevant target group through the appropriate channels.


Built-in tracking and analytical tools help you get to know your supporters. Data is updated for you at regular intervals.

Prize draw

We take care of the whole processing and organisation of the in-app prize draw for you.

If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact us


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